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Wednesday, 6 November 2013


So I'm rather sure that Auschwitz doesn't need any introduction and everyone is aware of the atrocities that took place there. Over 1.5 million people were killed there during World War Two, with the majority of them being Jews. They were forced to work in the camps for up to twelve hours a day before going back to their squalid living conditions. Prisoners were shot dead, medically experimented on, left to starve, and most famously exterminated by use of the gas chambers. Words can't really describe the place, apart from the fact it has an unreal, sombre and eery feel that makes you question the merciless actions of mankind. I'll let the pictures do the talking...


Following the uncomfortable day of sightseeing we headed back to the hotel before deciding to go out for tea that evening. As we were only in Kraków for a couple of nights I decided that to make the most of what culinary delights the city had to offer that night we would eat a different course in a different restaurant. So that's what we did. Opposite our hotel was this very busy café/stall advertising their main food as placki ziemniaczane. The café was busy from early morning all throughout the day until late in the evening. It smelt so good whenever we went past it so I decided to go have a mooch at what a placki ziemniaczane was. Upon closer inspection I found out that what they were selling were potato pancakes. Much like a potato rosti, they were made up of shredded potato and put into a pancake-like batter before being shallow fried. I was then offered a choice of toppings and chose to go for the meaty goulash sauce. For a total of £1.30 or 6.50PLN I was very happy with my cheap starter. This picture doesn't do the dish justice and it actually looks like a hot sloppy mess, however I can highly recommend this cheap and mouth wateringly tasty plate of food. 

For the following course we went into a classier establishment and I ordered Kaczka Pieczona z Jabłkami. For those of you that don't speak or read in Polish, then this dish is Roast Duck with Apple Sauce. I had half a duck and this was accompanied with rice and a side salad. I love duck so therefore I loved this dish. Also in the restaurant we managed to get our hands on a decent bottle of red wine for a nice cheap price. Good Food + Cheap Quality Wine = One Happy Traveller.
Dessert came from a bar in the main square. Apple Strudel with plenty of cinammon and cream and ice cream and all round goodness. Washed down with a pint. My evening was complete. It was hands down the best apple strudel I have ever eaten.
I smiled throughout whilst devouring this plumptious apple beauty and probably for a good five or ten minutes after I finished eating it.

Keeping on my favourite foodie topic, the following morning before flying home I had this lovely plate of food for breakfast. Breakfast mainly consisted of different cold meats, but boy were they good.


Sunday, 3 November 2013


With a cheeky Groupon deal being sent through on my email quoting a 2 night trip to Kraków for £130, including flights, I thought it would be a bit rude not to take up them on the offer. After doing my own bit of research I found out that Kraków was pretty cheap and I was able to book a better hotel and flight for the same price using different websites (ryanair & booking.com)

After a crammed and uncomfortable 2 hour flight with Ryanair we were greeted with glorious sunshine and bright blue skies in this beautiful Polish city! 
Having admired St Mary's Basilica in the main square it was then time for a spot of lunch. Even though it was sunny, there was still a little nip in the air so I decided to borrow a bit of fur whilst I drank my pint and ate my lunch.
Lunch was Gulasz, which was a pork stew with crusty bread.
After eating the local grub, we stumbled across a man who originally I thought was a statue. I put a couple zloty in his box and he decided to start shooting and go a bit war crazy on me. 
In the afternoon we decided to latch on to a free walking tour group. The tour guide took us around the Jewish Quarter of the city called Kazimierz, so we were able to see a couple of Synagogues...
And she showed us where parts of Schindler's List was filmed.

To lift the mood up a bit we then went to 'Lovers Bridge' where people attach padlocks to the bridge and throw the keys in the river.
The phrase, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' came to mind when the female tour guide went on to say, "love doesn't last" and "padlocks break" as we quickly crossed the bridge. Nonetheless we managed to stay at the back of the tour group and snapped a quick selfie.

We also saw some cool street art whilst wandering around the city.
I couldn't help but get a photo with this dapper chap.
Having watched Schindler's List only a couple of weeks ago, we decided to take a trip to Oskar Schindler's factory. The factory is now a museum, however it was originally used as a workplace in which he saved over 1000 jews by hiring them to work for him and protecting them as best as possible from the Nazi's. 
Following an educational afternoon we headed back to the main square in the old town for food.
I ate some pierogi (meat stuffed dumplings topped with fried onions and bacon) accompanied with some steamed vegetables.   
Life got even better when this hot plum and meringue tart landed on our table. 
We then ended our first day in Kraków by going to the city's deepest underground pub.
I had a shot of the notorious polish cherry vodka and then sank a pint of the local beer before having a great night's sleep.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Mooching At The Market

I love fresh food and drink. And I love pottering about and buying things that not a lot of other people own. Therefore I'm a pretty big fan of the Neighbourgoods Market in Cape Town.

Located at the Old Biscuit Mill in the Woodstock area of town, the market houses over 100 specialty traders. From fresh organic juices, to delectable cakes the market has something for everyone's taste. The market is also home to pop-up stores selling homeware, jewellery and clothes amongst many other things. Open from 9am until 2pm, it fills up and is packed by mid-morning. It makes most logical sense to do a bit of shopping in the morning and then spend the rest of the time eating and drinking to your hearts content. This is what I did anyway.

I died and went to heaven when I stumbled upon this cake stall.

  I then stayed in heaven as I ordered and demolished a Chicken Delight panini.
Prettiest looking panini I've ever eaten.

I LOVE Lemon Meringue Tarts!

The love for dessert was mutual.
If only I could find a place like this in England!